10 Ways to Strengthen Your Brain

In my search for a new list of things to do, I stumbled-upon this fantastic site, which provides us 10 ways to strengthen our brain. Read on…

  • Switch up any mundane routines
  • Humans are very habit forming in seemingly non consequential activities. How often do you take the exact same route to work? Studies have shown that even small changes in daily patterns cause brain stimulation.

  • Pick a random topic and learn something about it
  • I often find myself getting into a rut where I mostly visit the same websites and read about the same types of things. Music, Sports, Web happenings, World News. Pick something outside of that orbit and set out to learn something about it. Art Deco Design. History of the Cuban Revolution. How your car engine works. Spend just 10-15 minutes a day on a completely new or random learning project.

  • Switch your news sources up
  • Every once in a while pick up a different newspaper form a different city. Read from sources that go against your political leaning, something very liberal or very conservative. I try to read the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page at least once per week. It usually reviles me! But it also strangely stimulates my thoughts.

  • Balance your brain
  • I find that stimulating different segments of my brain takes a little bit of conscious effort. I spend a lot of time online reading and writing emails, looking at stats, working on documents or spreadsheets. Hone in on activities that bring something different to the table. Actually sit and listen to music without doing something else. Spend a few moments observing nature. Stretch you body for 10 minutes and think about your body alignment.

  • Shut it off
  • Everyday, schedule time to do absolutely nothing. It’s akin to shutting down your computer once in while. Take 10-15 minutes of your day to do absolutely nothing. Don’t allow yourself to think about what you have to do next. Don’t stress about whatever is on your mind. Focus on clearing your mind. Focus on nothing. Sound silly? It really works. You’ll bring a more refreshed state of mind to the rest of your day. It takes some practice but you’ll start looking forward to this part of your day. Early afternoon works really well for me.

  • Exercise
  • I have not a shred of doubt that exercise strengthens the mind. Find some exercise you like and make it a constant part of your week.

  • Search out new conversation
  • Another area that I find ruts is in the people with which I converse. The problem is that they tend to be the same people all the time. I am not suggesting ditching your friends. However, try to be open to new opportunities to interact with new people. New people bring new perspectives and experiences. New people force you to be on your toes a little bit more. They require that you listen a little closer. This stimulation strengthens and stretches your brain.

  • Ditch the calculator once in while
  • When routine math problems come up, force yourself to do the calculation in your head. It surprising how this “old fashioned” way of doing things has become increasingly difficult. Forcing yourself to do the calculation pumps up the brain.

  • Write something by hand
  • Try putting together a few paragraphs in long hand. It may be frustrating at first, but will challenge your mind. Its crazy how little we actually write by hand these days.

  • Eat well
  • It makes sense that what you eat afffects what you are. Make sure to get plenty of bright colored veggies and fruits like spinach, carrots, oranges, tomatoes.

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Strengthen Your Brain

  1. strengthen your Mind, Body and Soul…

    Unleash your positive emotion, let it spread.

    Stretch your muscles, reach further.

    Mediate for peace, joy and prosperity, experience it.

    Connect with nature and crawl out of your comfort zone.

    Disrupt the mundane patterns for once and express the moment.

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